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President Alice L. Hagemeyer, MLS
President and Founder of the Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action;
Former Librarian for the Deaf Community at the District of Columbia Public Library: April 1, 1976 until early retirement in December 1991
BS in Library Science, Gallaudet U; MLS, U of MD
Have written and spoken extensively about the deaf community, its history and library services locally, nationally and globally. 
Active member of American Library Association, Deaf History International, Inc, National Association of the Deaf and a board member of the National Literary Society of the Deaf, (NLSD), a partner of FOLDA
Honorary member of American Library Association; acting director of National Literary Society of the Deaf and member of Deaf History International, Inc, and National Association of the Deaf

Merrie A. Davidson
Psychology, Sociology, and Linguistics Librarian at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL since 2004; Reference and Instructional Librarian at Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC between 2000 and 2003. Studied American Sign Language in 1979 and earned CSC (certificate) from the National Registry of Interpreters in 1983. In 1993, began graduate studies in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester before entering library school in 1999.
BS in Linguistics, University of California, San Diego, MLS, U of Syracuse, NY
Active member of American Library Association

Ricardo Lopez, MS
Program Analyst, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General.  Past work experience include Adaptive Technology Assistant, McKeldin Library, U of MD;  Federal Grants Officer, Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, Washington, DC; Teacher at St. Rita’s School for the Deaf, Cincinnati, Ohio; Job Coach, Vocational Rehabilitation Center for the Deaf, Guaynabo, PR.  BA in European History, University of Puerto Rico; MS in Educational Technology, Gallaudet University  Currently pursuing a MLS degree at University of Maryland, College Park. 
President of the National Literary Society of the Deaf; Active member of American Library Association

Joan Naturale, M.Ed, MLIS
NTID Librarian liaison at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Wallace Memorial Library, National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID), Rochester, NY, since July 1999
Former librarian at the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (1991-1999)
Teach bibliographic instruction in classes, provide faculty and staff support for research, create deaf studies and liberal arts support guides, create and update WebPages, and conduct outreach activities related to library activities
BA English, Gallaudet University; MEd Deaf Ed., McDaniel College; MILS U of RI
Active member of American Library Association, member of Diversity Council 

Ronald Friedrich, MDiv
Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf, Silver Spring, MD, (; Chaplain at Gallaudet University (; Executive Director of the Lutheran Deaf Mission Society (  Previously served: Instructor for the Dallas Community College District Interpreter Training Program; President of North Central Texas Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf; Pastoral Advisor to the International Lutheran Deaf Association.

Every year since 1979 when The Red Notebook concept first began, many volunteers have been coordinating appropriate informational materials for its subscribers.  This year we are grateful to the following for their work on the National Deaf History Month Kit and other topics:  Amy Bopp, president of the Library Friends Section of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD); NAD Ad Hoc Committee on National Deaf History Month (2004-2006)*; Chris Wixtrom of ASL Access, and Deborah Gilson, editor 


* Members are Alice L. Hagemeyer (Chair), Thomas Harrington, Joan Naturale, Abigail Noland, Gary E. Wait and Andy Lange (NAD Liaison)
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